Augmented Technologies provides geospatial consultancy and development services to utility companies, local government and specialist consulting firms, whatever their size. We work in partnership with our clients and suppliers to deliver and maintain quality, efficiency and value within their business, whatever spatial solutions they currently have or are looking to implement.
Add to this our pioneering development work in augmented reality, open standards and mobile LBS, and you understand why we say 'see more'.

Augmented Reality enables people to visualise the invisible. Utilising the camera and on-board sensors within smart-devices, geospatial information and 3D assets are presented to the user based on their location and orientation. If your users require more than traditional 2D mapping to explore, collaborate and visualise complex spatial information within the real-world, or in the office, then Augmented Technologies can help you unlock the benefits of this innovative technology.

Local Authorities are being asked to deliver service improvements and provide greater transparency to citizens, whilst facing unprecedented budget cuts. These realities require innovative approaches to service delivery and is an area where Augmented Technologies can help enable both 'Channel Shift' and greater internal collaboration through the effective management of your GIS systems and spatial data.

Managing a utility network is a complex task, which often requires the analysis of complex spatial data to produce meaningful information for both regulatory and operational insight. With over 15 years experience in spatial applications and connected-network analysis within utility companies, we believe we can help you discover those insights and aid decision making either through our cost-effective consultancy services or augmented reality solutions.